Our pets make such a mess wherever they go. They drag debris, grass, and who knows what into the house.

That’s why a great pet sweeper is a tool you should have on hand. It sweeps up your dog or cats mess very easily.

In this blog we’ll go over what you should know about carpet sweepers for pet hair.

What Is A Carpet Sweeper?

A carpet sweeper is a cleaning tool that uses nylon bristles to sweep dirt and debris from an area rug.

It’s designed to pick up particles that stick to the surface of the carpeting instead of just pushing them around like a vacuum cleaner.

Some models emulate your traditional house broom, while others are larger to accommodate multiple rooms’ worth of rugs.

The solid base provides stability when pushing the sweeper back and forth over your carpeting, which also helps prevent damage to delicate surfaces like Persian carpets or wool rugs.

What’s The Difference Between A Carpet Sweeper And A Vacuum?

The main difference between a carpet sweeper and a vacuum is between the waste container on each device. A carpet sweeper is much like a vacuum cleaner, but they don’t use electricity to work.

Both sweepers and vacuums have a rotating brush that lifts any dirt particles or hair it finds into its dusting mechanism.

A carpet sweeper (or electric carpet sweeper) is designed specifically for cleaning up loose dirt and debris from carpets, rugs and hard floor surfaces. Due to their lightweight design, they are easy to maneuver, making them a useful addition to your cleaning arsenal.

One of the biggest differences between a vacuum cleaner and a carpet sweeper is that vacuums are built with suctioning mechanisms to help collect dust, while a carpet sweeper’s job is to deposit the dirt on top of the rug rather than pull it up in a bagged collection compartment.

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Do Carpet Sweepers work On Pet Hair?

Carpet sweepers are known for their ability to clean up messes without leaving behind the usual vacuum cleaner dirt and dust residue.

They can do the job lightly, with a little bit of effort, or in a deep way by using extra strength to remove deeply embedded dirt and dust.

Carpet sweepers are an extension of the vacuum cleaner. While a standard vacuum will clean up large amounts of dirt, pet hair, and dust, it won’t always get to the places that most people notice first.

For example, you need to do some work on your stairs or along the baseboards where dirt tends to get stuck. To reach these areas, you need a good tool that can pick everything up in just one pass.

How Does An Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper Work?

An electrostatic carpet sweeper is a device that uses an electrically charged brush to collect dust, dirt and other debris from carpets. The device works by taking ordinary tap water and running it through the cleaning brush where it gets charged with positive or negative electricity before hitting the floor.

Unlike other electric vacuums, an electrostatic sweeper does not use suction or brushes to clean carpets. The only moving part inside an electrostatic sweeper is a fan that blows air, which carries loose dust particles into waiting collection plates at the end of the machine.

How Does A Carpet Sweeper Work?

A carpet sweeper works by passing a pad over the surface of the floor while rolling it back and forth.

Some like the hand-held design because they can move more quickly, while others prefer large machines that cover larger areas more quickly and efficiently.

Carpet sweepers are not vacuum cleaners though some models can also be used for this purpose.

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