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The Best Vacuums for Pet and Dog Hair in 2018

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Let’s be honest with ourselves here. We all love our pets and would do anything for them but except you are extremely picky with your breed, there’s bound to be pet hair every where – in the sofa, the air, the carpet and in some cases, it seems like it comes out of nothing. Sometimes it sticks to cloths and after a while you start getting fed up with the whole ordeal. Well, there’s good news for you. There are some vacuums capable of helping you out of this problem with very little effort on your part. There’s a vacuum for every situation, irrespective of where the hair might be hidden.

The Kinds of Pet Hair Vacuum You should consider

There are a few vacuums you have to be aware of before going through our list of best vacuums to handle hair. One of the most important part of the process – if not the most important – is selecting the type because while there are a lot of amazing brands on the market, some are better suited for certain situations than others.

Upright Vacuums

This vacuum is perfect for floors. If you own a shaggy dog, it’s only a matter of time before things become unruly… if you allow it. These vacuums aren’t the best for furniture, neither are they to useful for situations where you have to reach high up because of their designs. These are the things you think of when you hear “upright vacuum” so do not be surprised to learn that some of them are designed to suit specific needs – some are made specifically to handle pet hair. How amazing is that?

Get an upright cleaner if your major issue is cleaning the floor.

Canister Vacuums

This is a high-powered vacuum. They are relatively stationary and the handle is a little similar to that of the upright vacuum. This makes it ideal for the floor and for when reaching up high is neccessary.

Thanks to its extra power, it is ideal for even the thickest of hairs and will be perfect for furniture as well. You will have to drag the canister around and this might be a little too stressful for some people; however, they’re fairly costly – an investment worth it in every sense especially if you have some pretty heavy shedder pets in your home.

This vacuum seems to be the most versatile of the bunch; capable of handling regular furniture cleaning and more significantly, they are perfect for lots of pet hair that are just impossible to get rid of.

Handheld Vacuums

This is a relatively new technology and there are some out there that are just perfect to handle whatever your pet sheds in any part of your home. You would need to be a little pickier here but with the newer models hitting the market, you will discover there are quite a number of impostors parading their brands in the market as the real deal when in fact; they are not worth the plastic they were molded from.

This vacuum is the best for cleaning high placed furniture, but it is not the best for cleaning floors as a result of its smaller surface suction power.

The Best Upright Vacuums for Pet Hair

When it comes to cleaning large spaces, uprights are the absolute best. Especially if the cleaning is to be done majorly on the floor. This is the big gun to call on if your dog or cat has decided to go on a shedding spree and even though there are other options, these 3 are definitely the models to consider.

Shark Rocket TruePet Corded Ultra-Light Upright

This pet hair vacuum is possibly the best Shark brand vacuum to handle pet hair removal. This model offers great value for the money, offering amazing features that ought to be way over its price range.  The amazing lights and maneuverable nature of this upright vacuum is usually the first thing users notice with this vacuum. Its adaptability to be used in not so big spaces and a design that renders it as light as most stick vacuums

The extremely smooth surfaces in your floor can get the perfect cleaning results as well, thanks to the hardwood attachments that come with this vacuum. It also comes with in built LED lamps that enables you to spot hidden debris on your floor.

The fact that the hose isn’t detachable is one major disadvantage this model has, but with the lightweight design, is detachable so you can turn it to a handheld device if you so wish.

This model is ideal if you are looking to get the most value for the vacuum you use to handle your pet hair.

Hoover REACT Professional Pet Plus

For some people, nothing less than the best is good enough. If this is you, then you definitely need to look at this model. It is newly designed and perfectly engineered making it easy to handle pet hairs.

This model offers certain technology that can barely be seen by other models. It captures most of the allergens that could be released while vacuuming. If you can lay your hands on this professional grade model, you will have the capacity to make life a lot easier.

If you have a big budget and are willing to part with some money for top quality, then this is the model for you.

BISSELL CleanView Complete Pet Rewind

The Bissell CleanView Complete Pet Rewind is arguably the best option when you consider the value it offers for its relatively affordable price. It is very efficient in removing pet hair but for its price range, it is one of the best. As you move from hard surface to carpet, you have the option of busing the roll brush, which can be turned on and off from the control.

This model enhances cleaning of pet hair and perpetually leaving you in control.

The Best Canister Vacuums for Pet Hair

These pet vacuums are often a little expensive but for people who stay in small apartments and are not great fans of the upright models, this is the model for you. They are very versatile, with the ability to switch from furniture to floor baring in mind that your apartment is small and would probably have hair in just about every corner.

Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum with Pet Attachments

It is very convenient to use thanks to its 20 ft. extendable cord and for people who have to deal with pet hair in confined spaces and for people who have to deal with extra attachments, this model is one you should definitely go for.

This model is slightly lighter than 9 pounds and could be considered a budget option. It also has smell eliminating features, so it doesn’t just get rid of pet hair; it removes the smell that comes with it as well. This model wasn’t exactly designed to remove pet hairs, but with the right attachment, it does an amazing job of it and the best part is that it is cheap enough to fit into just about any budget.

Our Rating



Crevice and pet hair tools

Hose is a bit fragile

Telescoping wand

Not all attachments store on vacuum

Powerful suction

HEPA filter

Great cord length and extendable hose

Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum with Pet Attachments

You do not need specialized brushes and attachments for those hardwood floors that have pet hair littered all over. What you really need is power. At a very reasonable price, Bissell offers this. This machine will suck dirt from just about any surface, not just floors. Get it and in no time, you’ll find it indispensable. This model is compact, thus making it easily stashed away. Irrespective of how small your apartment is, this model will not take up significant space for storage, making it the ideal model for people who live in small apartments.

If your floor is basically hard and you don’t intend to spring for a specially engineered canister, this model is arguably the best price to value ratio you will find anywhere.

Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum Cleaner

You might have to pay some good money to get the best canister vacuum however, you are guaranteed that no matter the size of the hairs, or how thick it has gotten, it will make short work of it. This particular model has a trigger for switching the HEPA filter from carpeted floors to highly remarkable amount of suction. Even before you get to the other specialized additions this model supports, it is already the best in its class. The cord rolls up and is conveniently one of the best vacuums in the market.

This vacuum is in a class of its own, but to own this, you will have to give up some good cash for it. When you do, the issues of pet hairs will be a thing of the past.

Our Rating



Canister follows the handle well

Relatively more expensive than most other models.



Engineered specifically to handle pets

Amazing suction

The Best Handheld Vacuums for Pet Hair

With the level of dirt and fur spread by our pets, we need a handheld vacuum. Pets could be in just about any corner of the house and this could result in dirt and fur in hidden places and most other forms of vacuum might find it hard to get to these areas.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

This model offers lots of power in a small, cheap package although this could be at the cost of cordless mobility. It’s made specifically for the densest of fur configuration and it is amazing at it. Its value gains a lot from its specially designed nozzles thus giving them the capacity to suck in pet hair from anywhere. You still have to be connected to an outlet but with its 16-ft. cord, it pretty convenient for cleaning. This particular model was made with the pet owner in mind. So if you are trying to take care of a table, a couch, or any surface in your apartment, this is the model to go for.

If a budget handheld vacuum is what you need and you don’t mind being attached to a power outlet, then this model offers all you need and more.

Our Rating



Crevice and pet hair tools

Very loud

Telescoping wand


Powerful suction

HEPA filter

Great cord length and extendable hose

Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II

This model offers great value for money. It cordless, powerful and perfectly capable of taking care of intense quantities of shedded fur while boasting a surprise amount of running 18V battery.

Thanks to its brush, it is perfectly capable of sweeping up dirt from any surface and its specialized attachments will enable you snatch up the fur from just about any corner it might have accumulated.

Its ergonomic design makes it very easy on the wrist this making it easy to get the job done without having to worry about your limbs giving out. This model is practically portable, lightweight and perfect for those that carries their pets in their vehicles

Our Rating



Cloth filters can be rinsed

Only 30 minute run time

Great suction

Crevice tool is a bit short

Quick charging 18V battery


Ergonomic design

Our Favorite
Bissell 2133 Bolt Pet

If you need an amazing run time, as well as a superior suction to add to your tools for taking care of pet hair, then this model is what you need. Its capacity for cleaning can be matched by only very few models in the market and its price is also a little more expensive than most models but it is worth every cent. It has a 16V battery and a reasonably long run time. All the attachments you need are attached and in no time, you will find it to be the appropriate gadget to use when cleaning up after your furry pets.

There is also a reasonably large collection area, thus making it a model that doesn’t need constant emptying while using it. It is designed to have a handgrip and when it comes to having a cordless vacuum for pet hair, this is your model.

If you are willing to give up some cash to get quality. This is what you need, it perfectly cleans up after fur, hair and spilled food – amazing!

Our Rating



Ergonomic design

Loses suction as battery loses charge

Very lightweight

Needs attachments to function properly

Attachments designed for pet hair and dirt

Long running

Super powerful

How to Choose Your Vacuum Cleaner

There is a little more to do after deciding the type of pet mess you want to handle with the vacuum you’re going for. You have to note a few things when considering the different options available. This isn’t a super specialized knowledge but t can definitely help you decide on which type of vacuum would best serve your purpose.

  • Your Floor Type: you might have decided that the vacuum you intend getting is for your floor, you need to understand that floors come in different forms and as such, some type of vacuums are better suited for specific kinds of flooring. This is something you need to understand if your pets have free reigns after all, your kitchen, bathroom and hall floor would likely be different.
  • HEPA Filters: you need to consider the HEPA filters if you are allergic or have guests that are prone to air borne dander. This reduces the level of allergens in the house.
  • Corded or Cordless: this could be a little more cumbersome but they are usually more powerful. It might be better to get a cordless model if you need something for light duty on the couches.
  • Attachments: consider the attachments that come with the vacuum. While some might just be window dressing, others are necessary fittings to help the vacuum work more effectively.
  • Budget: these pet hair vacuums usually get expensive in no time and can easily cause harm to your furniture. You have to be careful on how much you spend especially if you are on a tight budget however, if you can afford it, it is almost always better to go for the more expensive models.


Well, you have seen some of the tools that can help you win the war on pet shed fur. Your floors and furniture can now be completely free of hair, fur and any other form of mess. Of all the models listed above, there is definitely more than one that would serve you perfectly, irrespective of the purpose you intend to use the vacuum for.