Shark APEX AZ1002 Review

Sure, Shark offers many great pet hair vacuums. But the most powerful vacuum in the brand’s lineup is the Apex AZ 1022 

There are three different options with the Shark Apex AZ1022.Hard floor, low pile, and high pile.

But does that mean it’s the right pet vacuum for you? We’ve tested this vacuum so you that the decision can be a whole lot simpler.

The Shark APEX AZ1002 is the most powerful vacuum cleaner in Shark’s Lineup. The design is a step ahead compared to other Shark vacuums like the Rotator and Navigator. It features a lift away canister design that helps you reach all areas of your home.

The middle section of the vacuum can be lifted off the cleaning head and uses a canister. Other features include LED headlights and indicator lights on the handle.

This vacuum can hold plenty of pet hair. It has a dustbin capacity of 1.0 q and a height of 46.0 inches. The Shark Apex also comes with a HEPA and foam filter.

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Zero M technology

The Zero M is a completely redesigned brush roll. It uses little protrusions on the top of the nozzle to actively remove pet hair that tries to wrap itself around the brush.

During my test, I tried to get the brush wrapped in hair but could not succeed. The Zero M technology solves the tedious and nasty cleaning of the brush bar.

Duo Clean Technology

Features of the Shark APEX AZ1002

The duo clean technology is one of the greatest inventions in a long time. It’s a soft roller and standard brush roller combined. It easily picks up just about anything it touches on carpet or on hardwood floors. Whether you have fine dust or debris, the roller does a fantastic job cleaning up.

It also works great on carpet. If you simply flip the switch from “hard floor” to “low pile” or “high pile” and you’ll get a Shark vacuum that performs great on carpets. What it will do is reduce the suction and speed up the brush roll for all carpets.

Other Shark Apex Changes

The wheels on the Shark got an upgrade since the last version. The previous generation used plastic wheels with a felt cover which was prone to wear. The new version has very sturdy rubber wheels which seems to last a lifetime of the vacuum.





The Shark APEX AZ1002 is an outstanding vacuum. It’s one of the best on the market and it’s very affordable. We highly recommend this vacuum to anyone in the market for a new one.

It will not disappoint.

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