How To Reduce Dust And Pet Hair In Home

This article has been expert reviewed by Ashley Ashton. Ashley  is a blogger and a veterinarian assistant. She has over 10 years of experience in the pet industry.

The truth is both pet urine and dust are hard to clean. The dust can be so fine that your eyes just don’t spot the mess. Pet urine can easily dry up quick and doesn’t often have an odor. 

Has this pet mess torn up your household?

It probably has. 

There are a few solutions depending on your specific situation.

Best Floor Cleaner For Pet Urine

If you want to clean up pet urine, the best option is to use an enzyme-based cleaner. Enzyme cleaners are formulated specifically to penetrate deep into porous surfaces and break down stains and odors.

These types of cleaners will not only eliminate the smell of cat or dog urine but also prevent future accidents from occurring in that area.

An enzyme cleaner like Bubba’s Super Strength Enzyme Cleaner is perfect and suitable for most homes.

You’ll want to use an enzyme cleaner that contains a combination of both enzymatic and surfactant ingredients.

The surfactants in these cleaners help lift up the stains and break them down into smaller particles. That allows the enzymes to work more effectively.

Enzyme cleaners are very effective when it comes to removing urine stains and odors.

The enzymes in the cleaner help break down proteins and other organic compounds found in urine, making them easier for your body to flush out of your system.

Best Liquid Floor Cleaner for pets

A great  liquid floor cleaner is the EcoMe Floor Cleaner. It extremely safe to use for your family and for your pets. This cleaner can be be used in any situation. This all purpose cleaner is made from natural plant extracts and essential botanicals. 

It’s great on the following surfaces: wood, vinyl, laminate, linoleum, and stone. 

Please be careful when using some liquid products. 

Sometimes chemicals can be harmful for pets and should be avoided entirely. Below I’ve outlined some ingredients you should avoid:

Best Machine Floor Cleaner

There are a lot of different types of flooring in your home, so it’s important that you use the right cleaner for each one.

For example, if you have hardwood floors or laminate, make sure to use a product that is safe for these surfaces. You can also use a natural cleaner that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

However, this type of product may not be as effective at removing stains from carpet or upholstery.


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