Dyson V8 Animal Pro Review

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Dyson V8 Animal Pro Review

You’re looking for a powerful pet vacuum and the Dyson V8 is just that.

Dyson is one of the most trusted brands among pet vacuums. They have been around since 1991.

In this guide, I will review the Dyson V8 pet vacuum. I’ve tried and tested the vacuum on different surfaces and under different conditions.

Here are the results:

The Dyson V8 is an incredibly powerful vacuum.

I tested suction and airflow at various places on the vacuum and in both its low and high power modes. It’s still more powerful than almost every stick vacuum I’ve personally tested and it has just a little bit more power than the V7. 

When you combine the power with the newer floor head design, which is slightly better for hard floors than the V7 was, it did better with things like the crevice pickup test. That’s where it outperformed the V7 on both low and high power modes. 

A major pro with the Dyson V8 is its carpet cleaning ability. I actually prefer these older Dyson models because they have a smoother pickup with debris of all types and sizes. Also, they don’t seem to have any issue with clogging among larger debris.

The newer style Dyson have heads that are equally good for hard floors and carpet. While they accomplish that to a large extent, they do lose a little bit when it comes to carpet cleaning.

The filtration system is amazing on the v8. It’s a major upgrade from the last version because the v7 did not have a sealed HEPA system.

Is It Easy To Use?

in tight spaces the the Dyson V8 worked great. It got around corners, tight spaces, and under furniture really well. 

The handy crevice tool and combo tool help while cleaning upholstery stairs and/or cars.

Battery Life

The battery life is good. It’s nice to know that the V8 is more powerful than the V7 and has a longer battery life as well. 

Other Mentions

The Dyson was also better with hair tangles in my testing. There were no tangles with one gram of seven inch human hair. Minimal tangles were seen with one gram of 14 inches. All of which are better than average for cordless vacuums.

Noise Levels

The noise level on the V8 is far quieter than the V7, V10, and V11. 

The Dyson V8 has a slightly hard time picking up items larger than fine debris (on hard floors).
On carpet, this vacuum has no problem picking up larger items though.

Final Verdict 

The Dyson V8 is so well built and powerful but it does come at a price. Check the price here: Dyson V8
If you have a smaller house or an apartment then the V8 is a great option.

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