Best Roomba For Dog Hair 2022

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Best Roomba For Dog Hair

Looking for the best Roomba for dog hair? You’re not alone.

Dog hair can be a huge pain to clean up, and even harder to get rid of when it’s embedded in your carpets or furniture.

Thankfully, there are a few great Roombas on the market that are specifically designed to help get rid of pet hair.

After extensive research we’ve found the best Roomba vacuum for pets to be the Roomba S9+. But there are many more vacuums. So which one is the best for you? Keep reading to find out…

What to consider for pet hair clean up?

1.The brush roll

2.The filtration system

3.The zone navigation

Now for our picks. In a nutshell our best robot vacuums are categorized as follows:

  • Best Overall Roomba: Roomba s9+
  • Best Value: Roomba e5
  • Best Budget: Roomba 675


Best Overall

Roomba S9+

The Roomba S9+ is an excellent option for overall performance with great cleaning test results. It comes with a self cleaning dust bin and tangle free rubberized brush rolls.

Best Value

Roomba e5

The Roomba E5 is more affordable than the previous vacuum and performs well on test. It’s missing the convenience features of the i7+ and S9+ including the digital mapping and self emptying dust bin. That said, it’s still a solid navigator and good performer overall.

Best Budget

Roomba 675

If you’re looking for a vacuum at a more affordable price than the Roomba 675 is the one. It has a fewer bells and whistles, however; it performed well on our cleaning test and is great for smaller homes.

Testing the Roomba’s

We tested both the 675, the Roomba E5, the S9+, and Roomba i7+. Here is what we found.

Both the Roomba 675 and E5 were both able to pick up the pet hair well after two to three passes. However on both the sporadic navigation, it took a while to make the spots with the hair.

The S9+ and i7+ did a good job with pet hair assisted by advanced navigation. Both of the robots were able to detect where the pet hair was on the carpet and focus on the area for a more efficient clean map.

The rubber brush rolls tended to retain more of the the pet hair than the bristle roll. And each robot ended up with some pet hair stuck to the bottom in various places.

During our test we didn’t see any tangling in any of the models we tested. Nor any building up of hair that would result in tangling in the future. Keep in mind the test results vary depending on the hair texture, floor type, and amount.

During our test we found all the models performed excellently at dealing with pet hair. We also tested these robot vacuums on 4 different floor types.

On hardwood floors all four Roomba’s did extremely well. No complaints about any of them really. 

About the Roomba robot vacuums

There are several types of brush rolls you’ll see in Roomba models. The bristle brush rolls are basic and more prone to tangles. But robots with this brush roll are value priced like the Roomba 675.

The dual rubberized brush rolls are more advanced and are designed to prevent tangles. They can be found on the e5, s9+, i7+. The filtration systems on Roomba will either be the AeroVac filter or Aero Force Filter.

The AeroVac filter is the older vac with average quality. Roomba’s with this filter have a smaller dust bin than the 675.

AeroForce Filter is more advanced and is smaller leaving more room for more dust bin capacity. It’s found in the e5, s9+, and i7+.

As for zone cleaning all recent Roomba’s are compatible with virtual wall barriers. However most Roomba packages no longer include a virtual wall.

Even so you are able to use older virtual walls or buy a new standalone wall that can be used to block sensitive areas like pet beds, feeding dishes, and furniture.

The more advanced Roomba s9+ and i7+ use an app baed system called keep out zones. The onboard cameras scan the rooms of your home. On the app you can select areas of the room to stay away from.

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