Best Robot Vacuum For Long Hair (2022) 

If your pet has long hair, the best vacuum for you is a robot vacuum. They’re much better at getting under furniture and picking up dirt than regular vacuums. That’s why in this blog I’m going to review the best robot vacuum for long hair.

Have you ever wanted to never clean up mess again? You’re probably thinking about a pet robot vacuum. But some vacuums don’t clean up long hair. Well in this article we go over the best robot vacuums for long hair.

Do Robot Vacuums Work Well With Pet Hair?

With your long-haired cats or dogs, you probably know that pet hair can be a pain to clean up. It’s everywhere and it seems like no matter how often you vacuum, there is still fur on the floor.

The problem is that most regular vacuums don’t have the suction power to pick up pet hair. They just can’t get a good grip on it, which means they keep pushing it around instead of pulling it up.

A summary of the review below:

Best For Pets Overall

iRobot Roomba i3 Vacuum

The iRobot Vacuum does a few things right. One is the job. This vacuum gets thing’s done. Another wonderful feature I noticed while testing it is the silence. It’s so quiet.

It’s great mapping is wonderful as well on your floors. Curious about the battery life? It really doesn’t matter that much because this vacuum returns to its charger on its own.

The cons about the iRobot Roomba is that it can be a bit loud on hard floors. Sometimes, the rollers have to be taken off to clean the hair inside too. Lastly, the recovery tank could be bigger.


Best For Heavy Hair

Shark IQ Robot XL 

Not only is the Shark IQ great for heavy hair but it’s great for allergies. It picks up tons of dust. Another great benefit is that is that you don’t have to empty the vacuum often.

Only about once a month. This robotic vacuum does wonders to your floors as well. Your floor will be spotless. From large hair, debris,  and dust (all gone).

Some improvements I’d like to see is a no go zone feature. As far as noise is concerned, well it’s a bit noisy. It takes some time to clean too but it’s well worth the job. The benefit of sucking up all the long haired mess is worth the time it takes to clean up.


Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Roborock has excellent suction (especially on hardwood floors). This vacuum features a side sweeper that works well on cabinets and walls. It is a very smart vacuum. For instance if it runs into an obstacle it can get off track from the lines and work its way around.

It can also vacuum in straight lines. The map feature is nice as it shows you where it roamed during cleanup.  The battery is wonderful on this vacuum as it runs about two hours.

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Best Robot Vacuum For Golden Retriever Hair

If you’re looking for the best robot vacuum for golden retriever, then check out the iRobot Roomba 880. It’s one of the most popular models on the market and has some great features that make it perfect for people with long hair in their homes.

One of these is its ability to be programmed by time so you can schedule when it should start cleaning up after your dog has made a mess.

The Roomba 880 is also equipped with a HEPA filter which means it won’t just suck up all your dog’s hair but will also prevent any allergens being spread around the house.

It has a low profile design so it can easily get under furniture and clean up all the dog hair that gets pushed into corners by paws.

How I decided

To provide the best robot vacuum for long hair I analyzed the performance in a number of areas. But before that I wanted to be sure that the the robot vacuums were of high quality. I chose them based on suction, obstacle detection, mopping, and battery life. 

The robots vacuumed on a few different surfaces: tile, hardwood floor, low pile, and carpet. 

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