Best Dog Hair Remover For Car (MUST HAVE)

Best Dog Hair Remover For Car

You've got a dog, and you love them to pieces. But there are times when they shed and it gets all over your car. It's a mess!

Well, the best dog hair remover for the car is here to help.

Key points of this blog

- The pet wedge is a pet hair remover that is said to work well on large surfaces.

-The lily brush is a pet hair remover that is said to work well on clothing and car interiors.

-The furs off is a pet hair remover that is said to work well on all surfaces, but may be too rough for some materials.

1. The Pet Wedge

The pet wedge has four stars on amazon, 88 ratings, and is extremely affordable. Dampen the pet wedge slightly and scoop up your pet hair for short fine hair. The pet wedge’s shape works nicely to reach in between seat cushions. This product can be used over and over by simply washing under the sink.

The bet wedge is great for black pants, carpet, car, and interior upholstery.


  • It saves time and works on any surface.


  • It's kind of hard to remove the hair after each swipe
  • Can take a long time to clean each surface


  • Works well on large surfaces


2. Lily Brush

The Lily Brush doesn't even qualify as a brush really. But it does have 4.7 stars on amazon and is extremely affordable (under $20).

The lily brush is best used after vacuuming up big pet hair. It also does a great job with stubborn pet hair in odd locations.

Not only is the the Lily Brush great use for dogs but it works excellentley on a cat tree. For best use of the Lily brush use short strokes.


  • The Lily Brush is good for cars, carpeting, couches, clothes, upholstery, and stubborn trapped pet hair.


  • Not good for curtains
  • Time consuming to use

  • not too good on shirts (might tear material)

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3.  Furzoff

The Furzoff has a pumice like texture and has a 4.3 star rating on amazon. The cost is just under $12. The furzoff is great for cars in which the car seats are made of polyester.

Underneath your car seat you probably have have carpet. To clean, gently swipe back the furzoff back and forth to get rid of that pesky pet hair. You may need to use your phones flashlight to help see the tough spots underneath the seat.

The furzoff is not great for sensitive material like wood grain, plastic trim inside of a car. It can scratch it easily.


  • Works well on all surfaces
  • The Furzoff is good for carpets, couches, and car seat material.


  • Can snag on cheap carpet.
  • Might not be good for short hair
  • Not recommended for use on older carpet and materials

What is the best way to remove dog hair from a car?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some people may prefer to use a vacuum cleaner specifically designed for removing pet hair, while others may find that a rubber glove or a lint roller works well. Ultimately, it may simply be a matter of personal preference.

You also want to keep in mind the type of dog hair and car seat material.

Ways to remove dog hair from a car:

  • lint roller
  • rubber glove
  • damp sponge
  • balloon

Ultimately, it depends on what you have on hand and what works best for your particular car.

Because there is no definitive way to remove dog hair from a car we’ve provided 7 ways:

1. Use a rubber glove: Wet your glove and run it along surfaces to lift the pet hair.

2. Use packing or duct tape: Wrap it around your hand sticky-side out and press onto surfaces.

3. Use a lint roller: Roll over surfaces to pick up hair.

4. Use a balloon: Rub the balloon over surfaces to lift hair with static electricity.

5. Use a pumice stone: Wet the stone and rub it over surfaces to lift pet hair.

6. Use a wire brush: Wet the brush and rub it over surfaces to lift the pet hair.

7. Use a squeegee: Wet the squeegee and rub over surfaces to lift the hair.

How do you get dog hair off car seats and carpet?

There are a few ways to remove dog hair from a car. One is to use a rubber glove. Another is to use a lint roller. A third is to use a handheld vacuum. Finally, you can use a seat cover.

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