ilife a4s robot vacuum cleaner

This pet vacuum will set you free and make your home spotless. Weighing around 9.92 lbs it is relatively lightweight. For more information about this product check out

The ILIFE A4S robot vacuum cleaner

is a specialized robot vacuum cleaner for thin carpets and hard floors.


The vacuum cleaner has a multi function button and a bumper at the top while it’s wheels, sensors, brushes and charging pins beneath. The multi function button shows different colors depending upon the A4’s status. The A4 also comes along with remote control for easy control. The remote has a LCD screen that displays the current time and the time set for the vacuum to clean. The vacuum cleaner is quite simple to use and requires no set up.


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1. Three Step Cleaning System With A Strong Suction: The A4 comes along with a 3 step cleaning system and robust suction which ensures that the vacuum cleaner provides thorough cleaning for floor surfaces. The A4 does a fantastic job in cleaning floors.

2. Charging Base and Power Adapter: The A4 comes along with a charging base and a power adapter that allows it to be connected to a source of electricity. The charging dock is very easy to use. The power adapter plugs into the right side. Two little tabs on the bottom connect to the vacuum cleaner to charge it.

3. Remote Control: The vacuum cleaner comes along with a remote control that makes it simple to use. The remote controller does a great job. It allows you to set the vacuum cleaner to automatically start cleaning on a schedule without human assistance.

4. Built-In Sensors: The A4 has integrated sensors for guidance during cleaning. These detectors ensures that it doesn’t bump around or drop down the stairs. The sensors is an incredible artificial intelligence which allows the vacuum cleaners to avoid objects, gadgets along with other home installations when it’s in operation.

5. AAA batteries which provides 140 minutes operation time:

The A4 comes along With 2 AAA batteries that could provide up to 140 minutes of cleaning time when fully charged.

6. User Manual: The A4 comes along with an elaborate and easy to understand manual that provides full instructions on how a product is to be used. The vacuum cleaner requires no specialized knowledge for set up and operation, the manual is quite easy to follow and self- explanatory.

7. HEPA Filters: The vacuum cleaner also comes along With HEPA filters that allows it to easily manage dirt like pet hair along with other tiny debris that other vacuum cleaners will be unable to soak up. The HEPA Filters ensures your home is free of Any particles once the A4 has completed cleaning.



The Vacuum Cleaner has incredible performance. It ensures that the dirt embedded inside the carpet are removed. Furthermore, its automatic capabilities are extremely wonderful. The vacuum cleaner is able to clean on its on based on a preset schedule. The A4 also contributes to the docking station on your own once the cleaning is complete or the batteries are low. The A4 is able to operate for 140 minutes when fully charged. In addition, the A4 has a cliff sensor which ensures that it does not drop off the staircase during automatic operation. The A4 is easy and safe to use.

The Good:

1. Silent Operation: One of the exceptional characteristics of the A4 that’s quite beneficial to users is its quiet operation. You can place the vacuum cleaner to work when you’re sleeping without disturbance, despite its strong suction, the vacuum cleaner manages to clean quietly. It’s equipped to automatically recharge itself: One of the wonderful features and advantages of the A4 is that it may automatically go back into the charging station when the battery is reduced, if the power adapter is correctly positioned inside the range of the A4, it’ll slip into place to control itself. You can set daily cleaning schedules: The A4 vacuum cleaner allows you to set daily cleaning schedules automatically.

When this schedule is set up, the A4 can operate completely on its own, it requires very little operation. Cons: 1. No downloadable mobile app: The A4 does not come with a mobile application like numerous other robotic vacuum cleaners. The A4 relies completely on its own remote control for operation. A downloadable mobile application would have made it far more easy to schedule, monitor and control the unit. The A4 can’t track down the docking station during a large cleaning operation: Another disadvantage of the vacuum cleaner would be that if it’s used to clean several rooms, it’d be not able To find the docking station by itself in order to recharge.

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The not so good

The ILife A4S robot vacuum cleaner is durable, efficient and dependable vacuum cleaner which comes at an excellent price. It’s one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners available on the market. The A4 is appropriate for individuals with tight and busy schedules.

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